Sebastian Ferrero, the happy and healthy three-year-old son of Sebastian Ferrero Foundation founders Horst and Luisa Ferrero,died at Shands Hospital in Gainesville, Florida in October 2007 as a result of a medication overdose followed by a series of preventable medical errors.

After Sebastian’s death, Horst and Luisa heard from many concerned pediatricians and parents in the community about improvements that could be made in patient safety and pediatric care.

To honor their son and to turn their tragedy into something positive, Horst and Luisa Ferrero established the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation to serve as a catalyst for profound change in the way hospitals and health care professionals care for children and their families.

Since forming the Foundation, Horst and Luisa have received widespread support and have been encouraged by the progress that has been made in a very short time. Community leaders, parents and more than 150 local pediatricians and pediatric specialists have come together with many others from UF Health and the University of Florida College of Medicine to support the Foundation’s cause.

AboutThe mission of the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation is to advocate and fundraise for continued advancements in facilities, patient safety and innovative programs dedicated to delivering integrated pediatric care for all children and their families.

So, while our founders Horst and Luisa Ferrero may have started the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation in honor of their beloved son, Sebastian, it really belongs to the community.