UF&SHANDS to Begin Addition to Children’s Hospital

UF&Shands Health System and the UF Academic Health Center have committed to creating a new entry pavilion and lobby for the Shands Hospital for Children.

According to David Guzick, UF senior vice president for health affairs and president of UF&Shands Health System, these plans for construction will be the hospital’s fundraising project for the upcoming year.

“We’re currently viewing federal design concepts for a two-story atrium leading into a dedicated lobby area for the children’s hospital,” Guzick said during a press conference Wednesday.

The new additions to the hospital, which include the lobby, a children’s atrium, an entrance pavilion and a themed donor wall, will be located near the east parking garage. Guzick said the gift shop and the bathrooms in the current entrance will be demolished and rebuilt in a different spot to create a much more generous lobby.

Guzick said he hopes the exterior of the lobby and the two-story pavillion will generate interest among a variety of artists. He said he wants to find the best way to represent the children’s hospital.

According to Guzick, the project is estimated to cost $8 million to $9 million and will be the main focus of the fifth annual Noche de Gala, which is a fundraising event hosted by the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation.

Horst and Luisa Ferrero, the founders of the foundation, were present at the press conference to announce this year’s gala would benefit the hospital’s new lobby.

This year’s Noche de Gala will be held Sept. 29.
“We’re proud to have a strong partnership with UF&Shands and proud of all the milestones we have achieved together,” Horst Ferrero said.

Last year, the Sebastian Ferrero Foundation worked with UF&Shands to open the Pediatric Emergency Room at Shands Hospital for Children in July.

UF President Bernie Machen expressed his gratitude to the Ferreros for all their foundation has done for UF&Shands.
“They are the real inspiration behind what we’ve been doing here,” Machen said, “and their contributions to Shands and to our community have been noted for a number of years. We really wouldn’t be here without them.”

Guzick said the project is in the general conceptual design phase now, but he hopes to begin construction in two to three months.

“We can only do this with philanthropy,” Guzick said. There are funds set aside for the project, but he said he hopes to raise money for at least half the cost.

“We’re really indebted to the Ferreros and the commitment they’ve shown,” Guzick said.

Ferrero Foundation donates $1.5M to Shands Hospital for Children.